I produce visual content that ultimately helps enterprises achieve their organizational goals.

Providing high end immersive virtual tours, commercial & real estate photography and video production services. 

The vast majority of my work is providing virtual tour services to Hospitals, Universities, Tourist destinations, and businesses. These virtual tours provide the most effective means of nurturing and driving advocacy of your institution.

With warm regards,

Doug Loman

Guestbook for Doug Loman Photography
James Furlong(non-registered)
Love your photography. The visions you see are way beyond the imaginations of us common folk. Our photo shoot was very relaxing and fun. You've given our band "Silent Witness" the professional look we were searching for. Thank You so much.
Robert Cornell(non-registered)
Linked to your site from Picture Correct, enjoyed your article on hummingbirds, thank you. Enjoy your photography as well, very nice. Hopefully someday I will get there.
superb sir.....
Mike Draze(non-registered)
Super set Doug good job!
Denise Hite(non-registered)
I have to say I looked at all your photos and they really take my breath away. You have such a gift. You capture things others wouldn't even notice. Thank You!