I have been fascinated with Photography since my mid teens. These frozen moments in time have always given me a satisfaction that I do not get anywhere else in life. And that others enjoy these captured moments is absolutely incredible to me.

Throughout my life I have focused on Wildlife Photography. And since Wildlife doesn't always cooperate, I have captured some fantastic landscapes too. I have also been fortunate enough to travel the world and spend significant amounts of time in some very special places. Next project is to start converting those slides and negatives to digital format ... but let me get back on track. Within the last few years I have taken a greater interest in commercial photography and have developed a budding photography business (those animals just don't pay!). Please enjoy the examples I have posted here.

If you are in search of that unique fine art print or need a photographer to do a professional job in the studio or on location we can accommodate your needs in an efficient and economical manner.

Have camera, will travel.

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